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Imagine having the comforts of home and all the amenities of a hotel, but also waking up to breathtaking views of this energetic city. In Istanbul, hotel residences do just that, offering completely furnished apartments with a wide range of first-rate services and facilities.

However, the opulence doesn't stop there. Istanbul hotel homes go above and above by providing a luxurious spa experience to melt away the tension of the day, a cutting-edge gym to keep your exercise program on track, and a cool pool where you can relax and take a dip.

These hotel homes stand out because of their excellent settings. Istanbul, a city with a long history and a contemporary, global vibe, is home to a number of amazing areas, and the hotel apartments for sale are well-located to put the best of the city right outside your door. The ideal home is waiting for you, whether you want a lively metropolitan environment or a peaceful retreat.

What is a Hotel Residence?

A hotel residence is a style of lodging that combines a hotel's facilities and services with a home's space and privacy. These are often furnished flats or suites that may be rented out temporarily or permanently. They are a common option for people who want more room or who wish to experience greater comfort while traveling.

Advantages of Buying a Hotel Residence in Istanbul

They Provide a Guaranteed Rental Income

The promise of a rental income is one of the most alluring features of buying a hotel apartment in Turkiye. Investors can gain from a reliable source of rental income because the hotel manages these homes, saving them the trouble of dealing with tenants or promoting the property themselves. Your investment gains stability and peace of mind from this income assurance.

You Don't Have to Perform Maintenance or Repairs

When you purchase a hotel home, you give the hotel management control over upkeep and repairs. This means you won't have to worry about managing maintenance jobs like managing electrical problems, mending leaking faucets, or other maintenance difficulties. The hotel staff will take care of all required upkeep, ensuring that your property stays in top shape and further increasing its rental attractiveness.

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They Offer Good Rental Returns

The popularity of Istanbul as a tourist attraction and significant global city assures a consistent stream of visitors all year long. This steady stream of tourists results in favorable rental returns for hotel apartments. Excellent location, hotel-style facilities, and skilled management can result in higher rental rates, helping to boost the profitability of your investment.

Hotel Residences for Sale in Istanbul

Ability to Diversify an Investment Portfolio

You can diversify your financial portfolio well if you own a hotel apartment in Istanbul. A physical asset that offers protection against market swings is real estate. You may spread your risk among several investment kinds by incorporating a hotel residence in your portfolio, which may lower total risk and improve long-term financial stability.

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Top 6 Features to Consider When Choosing a Serviced Apartment

Regular and Reliable Cleaning Service

The best-serviced apartments should provide consistent and dependable cleaning services. Find a location where housekeeping is scheduled often to guarantee that your accommodation is kept neat, clean, and welcoming throughout your visit. You can concentrate on your tasks without being distracted by the effort of cleaning thanks to this type of luxury apartments in Istanbul.

Availability of Complete Cooking Facilities

When residing in a serviced apartment, flexibility in eating choices is essential. Make sure the apartment has everything you need for cooking, including a kitchen that works and has a stove, microwave, refrigerator, and cooking utensils. This makes it possible for you to cook your meals whenever it's convenient for you and have a home-cooked experience, which is especially useful for extended visits.


Parking accessibility is important if you own a car or want to rent one while visiting. Verify whether there are secure parking options available at the serviced apartment or in the area. Having a reserved parking place can relieve the stress of looking for spaces and give you confidence in the security of your car.

Proximity to Modern Amenities

The ease of your stay will be greatly influenced by the serviced apartment's location. Choose an apartment that is accessible to contemporary conveniences like supermarkets, dining options, coffee shops, pharmacies, and public transportation hubs. Having quick access to these amenities makes daily life easier and enables you to maximize your time in the neighborhood.


The most important consideration while choosing lodging should be safety. Make sure the serviced apartment has strong security measures in place, such as round-the-clock monitoring, secure access systems, and knowledgeable employees. Being at ease and able to completely enjoy your visit are made possible by knowing that you are in a secure atmosphere. This is why many people choose to live in residential complexes in Istanbul rather than isolated homes.

Comfortable Furnishings

Your level of comfort in the apartment is significantly influenced by the furniture's quality. Look for an apartment with warm lounging spaces, comfy beds, and tastefully decorated furnishings. A welcome atmosphere is created and enhanced by comfortable furniture.

Hotel Residence in Istanbul

Hotel Residence in Istanbul with Imtilak Real Estate

Imtilak Real Estate has a wide range of hotel residences for sale in Istanbul, with different sizes, prices, and locations. Imtilak Real Estate will help you find the best hotel residence for your needs and preferences and will assist you with all the legal and financial procedures.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a hotel residence in Istanbul. Contact us today!

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