Sales of foreign apartments in Antalya record the highest number in its history!

Apartment sales to foreigners in Antalya for 2021 achieved the highest number in its history, and registered progress of 60.1% compared to sales in 2020.

Sales of foreign apartments in Antalya record the highest number in its history!
2022-02-11 Last update 2022-03-26

Sales of foreign apartments in Antalya record the highest number in its history!

Besides its global fame as one of the most beautiful tourist centers in Turkey, Antalya is one of the most important centers for attracting foreign investors, including real estate investors.

Antalya’s attractiveness has reasons

Antalya is classified as the second most selling state of apartments to foreigners after Istanbul, as the charm of the beauty of nature in Antalya's beaches, its mountains, and its moderate climate play a major role in that attraction.

In addition, Antalya's strong infrastructure and the great development in its architecture, are evident through the modern projects scattered throughout.

60% increase!

According to data issued by the Turkish Statistical Authority, during 2021, sales of apartments in Antalya recorded 12,384 apartments, bringing the sales of apartments in Antalya to foreigners the highest in its history.

Antalya apartments for the year 2021 also recorded the progress of 60.1%, compared to the sales of apartments to foreigners in Antalya during 2020.

The percentage of apartment sales to foreigners in Antalya for the year 2021, out of the total public sales of apartments in the state, amounted to 18.5%.

Apartments in Antalya

About 20% of the apartments sold in Antalya were to foreign investors!

Commenting on the numbers of apartments sales to foreigners in Antalya, Mr. Davut Cetin, President of the Antalya Chamber of Industry and Commerce, said: "Antalya is witnessing a great and increasing demand from foreign investors."

He continued, "The sales of apartments to foreigners for the past year 2021 amounted to 12,384 apartments out of 66,691 apartments sold by the city, which means that 18.5% of the apartments sold in Antalya were sold to foreign investors!"

The most visiting nationalities in Antalya are the most buying of apartments

Mr. Cetin added, "Looking at the numbers, we notice that the nationalities who are the most tourists in Antalya are the ones who buy apartments in Antalya. The Germans and the Russians are the most visiting for tourism, and at the same time they are the most buying apartments in Antalya."

He added, "Antalya has recently witnessed a remarkable turnout by investors from Middle Eastern countries, such as Iranians, Iraqis, and Jordanians."

Antalya apartments

More than 4,500 foreign companies in Antalya!

Regarding the number of companies established by foreigners in Antalya, Mr. Cetin said: "The number of companies registered in our chamber is 56 thousand companies, of which 4,647 companies have foreign capital. During the year 2021 alone, 558 new foreign companies were registered."

Regarding the economic sectors in which foreign companies are active, Cetin said: “Foreign companies are active in many economic sectors, including the construction sector, the tourism sector, the restaurants’ sector, the agricultural products sector, the hotel sector, the textile sector, and the information sector, as these companies have contributions important in supporting the economy of Antalya.

Russians and Germans are at the fore

Regarding foreign nationalities establishing companies in Antalya, Mr. Cetin said: "The Russians rank first among the most established investors for companies in Antalya, with 656 companies."

He continued, "Then the Germans rank second with 626 companies, then the Iranians with 522 companies, then the Azerbaijanis with 283 companies, then the Dutch, the Saudis, the Ukrainians, and the Kazakhs."

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