Own Real Estate from your home | A new way for real estate ownership

Now you can buy your property from your home. The General Directorate of Land Registry and Real Estate Survey in Turkey has announced the facilitation of title deed procedures online. Read to learn more.

Own Real Estate from your home | A new way for real estate ownership
2020-03-24 Last update 2020-04-24

Own Real Estate from your home | A new way for real estate ownership

The fear of Coronavirus is still casting its shadow over the world in its social, political, and economic aspects, which led people to abide by the quarantine requirements that doctors emphasized through staying in homes and not mixing with people, in order to stop this catastrophe from spreading in our societies, as this virus has already claimed thousands of lives.

Given these situations that surrounded all aspects of life, the Turkish real estate sector has taken concrete steps to avoid the consequences of fear of this virus, especially after achieving great sales figures during the first two months of this year.

These measures aimed at maintaining the levels of sales that have flourished at the beginning of the year, through a series of measures to protect from this virus while ensuring the continuation of real estate activity.

The first of these measures is completely converting the real estate marketing operations, whether they were internal or external operations, to a digital means in full, and that has been achieved through:

  • Publishing detailed videos by the Real estate marketing companies on their websites and social media platforms.
  • Enhancing communication with customers by answering all inquiries related to videos.
  • Informing the clients about the government developments regarding the promotion of real estate marketing operations online, such as the decision taken by the General Directorate of Land Registry in Turkey.


The General Directorate of Land Registry completes all transactions online:

After the spread of the new Coronavirus around the world and due to the human and economic damage it caused, the General Directorate of Land Registry and Land Survey in Turkey announced they will be running the Land Registry transactions through the"Web Title Deed" system, starting from the 18th of March 2020.

  • Through this system, the clients can submit requests to obtain appointments at the directorate and accomplish what used to require personal attendance.
  • The directorate also allocated the number Alo-181 to submit requests and conduct transactions.

Buy apartment from home‎

Selçuk Hiçdurmaz, the Chairman of one of the companies working in the real estate sector, stated that the opportunity provided by the General Directorate to complete transactions online using Web Title Deed system; will have a major impact in facilitating sales transactions in light of the conditions the world is witnessing these days, which is a guarantee to the continuation of this qualitative leap in real estate sales at the same pace.

As it has always been, to keep up with developments and be the first in achieving the interests of its clients, and to achieve the principle of own your real estate from your home, Imtilak Real Estate Group have responded to these developments and adapted to the new reality, through dedicating its team's efforts to achieve the interests of its customers through the new digital system, which can be seen by going to its website and contacting its offices to inquire about the conditions regarding the digital real estate system, then what it has started and completed of sales transactions through the new system.

Imtilak Real Estate, your safe ship no matter the weather.

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Source: Emlak Kulisi

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