Foreigners' demand for real estate in Antalya

People from all over the world come to live in Antalya, increasing the sales of real estate. In the last five years, 41,715 homes were sold to foreigners in Antalya, Russians were the most nationality buying real estate, followed by Iranians and then Germans

Foreigners' demand for real estate in Antalya
2022-06-30 Last update 2022-07-05

Foreigners' demand for real estate in Antalya

The director of one of the companies active in the real estate field in Antalya (Selman Özgün) told the Anadolu Agency correspondent in Istanbul that "Antalya is one of the most important tourist cities overlooking the Mediterranean with its charming beauty, as it can be called the heart of the world, due to the beauty of its nature, civilization, and cultural heritage. Also, it is one of the best places after Istanbul for real estate investment in Turkey, and it is at the forefront of cities in terms of the number of foreigners who have established and established companies there”.

"People from all over the world come to live in Antalya, there are more than 100 direct flights from Antalya to dozens of countries, and local and international brands continue to invest in them," Özgün added.

Arrangement of real estate investment for foreigners in Antalya

In the same context, Özgün said, "Antalya is one of the cities preferred by international real estate investors thanks to its advantages, and that between (2017 and 2021) 206,768 homes were sold to foreigners all over Turkey, and that 20% of them were sold in Antalya.

In the details, he mentioned that in the last five years, 41,715 homes were sold to foreigners in Antalya. Russians ranked first by purchasing 7,978 homes, followed by Iranians with 4,396 homes, and then the Germans by purchasing 3,848 homes. While other countries such as Kazakhstan, Iraq, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, England, and Denmark came in the rest of the top ten.

Noting that the impact of expatriates on increasing sales is undeniable, Özgün said: "The high exchange rate pushed Turks abroad to buy homes, and sales prices between (2017 and 2021) were reasonable for investors.

Referring to the investment areas in the city, Özgün added: "While the Russians invest in Kemer and Beldibi and the Germans in Alanya and its surrounding areas. We note that the British prefer Kaş and Kalkan. Europeans generally own the coastal areas, while Iranian and Iraqi citizens are buying homes in various parts of the city."

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