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The real estate value of the Kandilli project overlooking the Bosphorus has increased by 5 times



The real estate value of the Kandilli project overlooking the Bosphorus has increased by 5 times

The Kandilli project is located in the Kandilli neighborhood, one of the most beautiful places overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul. The project offers multiple types of apartments, starting from 2.5+1 to 5+1. The project also has the signature of world-renowned architect Emre Arollat, and handovers will begin at the end of 2022.

Nef, the leading brand in the real estate sector, is preparing to deliver the Kandilli project this summer, which is one of its most important projects in Istanbul, while the remaining apartments will continue to be sold until all the apartments are sold.

The Kandilli project combines the modern and historical architecture of the Kandilli neighborhood in the city. The project is preparing to revive one of the historical areas in Istanbul; green spaces and scenic landscapes accompany its view of the Bosphorus and it’s also characterized by its location next to the palace of Adile Sultan.

The project, which was designed with a horizontal architectural character, consists of 406 housing units, and its green gardens cover an area of ​​39,000 square meters. It contains different types of apartments, starting from 2.5+1 to 5+1, and will provide its residents with a "fold home" system.

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The real estate value of the Kandilli neighborhood has increased five times in the last six years

Kandilli neighborhood has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods overlooking the Bosphorus for families, and according to the data of Endeksa, the majority of the residents of the area are from the elite class in Istanbul.

The data indicate an increase in the value of homes 4.6 times during the last six years, and the increase in this value in the Kandilli neighborhood led to gains of 3 times for real estate owners in the region. Therefore, the region is one of the most valuable investment areas in Istanbul, which attracts many real estate investors.

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The project was designed with passion and expertise by Architect Emre Arolat

Kandilli project designer Emre Arolat stated: “Our design approach began with a long process of research and discussion about the area, local textures, cultural and physical resources, the common and psychological characteristics of the project, and thus the questions that shaped the current state of the project’s core arose, and it was designed within the framework of passion, intuition, knowledge, and experience with consideration special situations."

As for the interior architecture, which is designed by Mustafa Toner, two different options are presented, where in the first place the shades of mink, beige, cream, and light wood were used together. While, in the second place dark wood colors meet with shades of gray and earthy, and to make every corner of the house filled with light and create spacious living spaces, all rooms have ceiling-to-floor panes of glass.

The famous German landscape architect Hermann Salem designed the green gardens of the Kandilli project, noting: “The soft texture of the wood and the earthy facade create an attractive appearance for the roof, while the transparent surfaces connected to each other give the building facade an amazing and unique identity. The green garden design, which will be one of the most distinctive and stunning elements of the project upon completion, will reflect the spirit of the Kandilli project.”

The Kandilli project, which offers a distinguished life that increases in value every day in the neighborhood mixed with the scent of history, and opens doors to life inside the city, and in a place far from the noise, is one of the projects that Imtilak Real Estate company encourages you to buy in.

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