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Villas for sale in Istanbul Uskudar 2024

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On the edge of the Asian continent in Istanbul, and on its seaside adjacent to the Marmara Sea and the famous Bosphorus strait, the Uskudar area lies telling the stories of the city's history with its monuments, landmarks, mosques, markets, historical shops, parks, and gorgeous green mountains.

In Uskudar, the smallest of its details are full of beauty; even in its smallest alleys, which made many people aspire to it looking for villas for sale in Istanbul Uskudar that meet their ambition for classy residence in Istanbul real estate, the beautiful two-continents city.

Advantages of Buying a Villa in Uskudar Istanbul

Uskudar area is located in the Asian Istanbul within a valley surrounded by hills on the one hand, and the sea and the Bosphorus on the other.

Uskudar is surrounded by Umraniye, Beykoz, and Kadikoy areas, and its lands and hills slope from north to south towards the Bosphorus.

Camlica Mosque (the largest mosque in Turkey), which was opened recently in the Uskudar area, is located on the Buyuk Camlica Hill (268 meters above sea level), which quickly became one of the most important tourist centers in Istanbul and Turkey in general.

As for its coastal strip, it is one of the richest areas of the city with Ottoman historical monuments, this is clearly evident near the Uskudar port that has an important historical characteristic.

As for Uskudar weather, it is moderate in most seasons to relatively hot in the summer, with a rainy winter that sometimes carries cold winds coming from the Balkans.

The Uskudar coast and its beach area are known to be relatively narrow, the Uskudar beach is distributed between areas open to the public, and other closed to tourism facilities.

Uskudar is one of the richest areas in Istanbul in terms of green areas, it has 33 neighborhoods through which 2501 roads and alleys pass.

Uskudar area enjoys a special place among Istanbul areas, as it contains a network of 86 governmental elementary schools in its neighborhoods, 22 private primary schools, 168 government schools for intermediate education, 10 private schools for intermediate education, 26 government high schools, 23 private high schools, 14 private training institutes, 12 private teaching institutes, a public university, and a private university.

The population of Uskudar is 531 thousand people according to the last statistic of June 2020.

These features, the historical importance of the area, and its vital location in the city center; the search for villas for sale in Uskudar Istanbul is constantly increasing, increasing with it the investment value of the area regarding the ownership options in villas for sale in Istanbul European side and Asian side.

Villas for sale in Istanbul Uskudar

Villas for Sale in Istanbul Uskudar

After we learned the advantages of real estate ownership in villas for sale in Uskudar, we will talk about the prices of villas and the installment options offered by Imtilak Real Estate Company.

Prices of Villas in Uskudar Istanbul

Imtilak Real Estate provides the best real estate ownership opportunities in Istanbul, its luxurious modern villas, and many other options that suit your budgets.

Prices of villas in Istanbul Asian side generally, and the prices for villas in Uskudar Istanbul in particular, vary greatly according to their features, specifications, and location, the price of a villa in this high class are can reach up to 14 million dollars, while the lowest price of a villa may reach about 500 thousand US dollars.

By contacting the representative of Imtilak Real Estate Company, you can get to know the best opportunities available in all of Uskudar neighborhoods or in other areas on both sides of the city.

Villas for Sale in Uskudar in Installments

For those looking for an ideal opportunity to own real estate in installments in villas for sale in Istanbul Uskudar, we put in your hands all of our options which are appropriate to your budgets and aspirations, and we in Imtilak Real Estate will spare no effort to make your dreams of safe real estate ownership come true.

By contacting our consultant team, the expert team in Turkish real estate market, we will provide you with all the cash and installment options, fold the distances for you, break down the barriers and obstacles, and provide you with the most important advice on this matter completely free of charge.

Villas for Sale in Uskudar in Installments

Villas for Sale in Uskudar Sea View

Real estate ownership on the beach has a very distinctive advantage, and Uskudar area has an additional advantage over the other areas due to its proximity to the city center and its strong transportation network that links it with the rest of areas, the most important of which are:

  1. Ferries connect it to the European side of the city and many other ports.
  2. Marmaray Metro which passes under the Bosphorus strait.
  3. Eurasia Tunnel that links the two continents under the sea.
  4. 15 July Martyrs Bridge.
  5. A full network of land transportation that belongs to the municipality.

Add to that, the beautiful characteristics of the area, its historical value, and its climatic, which we have mentioned above.

Villas for Sale in Uskudar on the Bosphorus

Uskudar Beach stretches for a long distance on the Marmara Sea and the magnificent Bosphorus Strait, the delightful masterpiece of the city, which was taken by the Ottoman Sultans as a place for their residence and palaces.

The upscale villas are scattered directly on the banks of the strait and on the highlands that overlook it, in an environment of blue sea and green mountains, decorated by ships, ferries, and boats that cross the Bosphorus back and forth.

The beauty of this one-of-a-kind scene and its captivating charm is something no human can resist, this is why owning a villa in Uskudar on the sea or with a view over the Bosphorus has an ever-increasing demand, which raises the investment value of this type of real estate of villas for sale in Istanbul Uskudar, and gives the investors a profit opportunity if this investment is properly studied.

Edited by: Imtilak Real Estate©

Edited by: Imtilak Real Estate©

Update date: 2024-01-09

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