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Villas for Sale in Istanbul 2021

Buying and selling a villa, house for the purpose of housing or investing in Turkey with sea views of the Bosphorus in Istanbul

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Volony Villas  IMT - 517
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Volony Villas IMT - 517

Villas for sale in Asian Istanbul within one of the city's finest complexes, with luxurious designs,...

Starting at

1,350,000 $

Green Life Villas  IMT - 516
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Green Life Villas IMT - 516

Villas for sale in European Istanbul in the Silivri district, within a complex that offers high-end...

Starting at

335,000 $

Riva Villas  IMT - 515
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Riva Villas IMT - 515

Luxury villas for sale in Istanbul, the Asian side, within the prestigious Beykoz area, with a gover...

Starting at

310,000 $

IMT - 514  Tracha Palaces
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
IMT - 514 Tracha Palaces

Villas for sale in Istanbul within the Buyukcekmece area and on the shore of the Marmara Sea in a so...

Starting at

410,000 $

Yesil Vadi Villas IMT - 513

explore the latest deals on villas for sale in istanbul countryside within yesil vadi project on the...

Starting at

281,000 $

IMT-508 Green Reserve Villas

villas for sale in istanbul within green reserve villas complex providing nature and peaceful life....

Starting at

936,000 $

Villas of Light Complex IMT-502

discover villas for sale in buyukcekmece within villas of light complex, combines wonderful views of...

Starting at

880,000 $

IMT-503 Villas of the West Mahalla
This project is government guaranteed
IMT-503 Villas of the West Mahalla

find luxury villas for sale in istanbul within villas of the west mahalla guaranteed by the Turkish...

Starting at

1,260,000 $

Villas for Sale in Istanbul

Napoleon Bonaparte talked about the city of Istanbul and said, "If the whole world were one country, Istanbul would be its capital".

The booming future and successful investment are in the idea of finding, owning and investing in villas for sale in Istanbul. Studies suggest that choosing Istanbul is the best choice for the following features:

  • It has thousands of old tourist attractions that attract millions of visitors.
  • The city's distinctive and strategic location.
  • Developmental plans set up by the Turkish government in the city.
  • The Ease of buying a property in Istanbul.
  • The political, economic and social stability in the country, with great facilities for foreign investors.


One of the many options for real estate investors in Istanbul is to search for villas for sale in Istanbul and enjoying the many offers of distinctive buildings, beautiful places, and very easy payment methods.

Advantages for Buying Villa in Istanbul

This diversity in offers and prices was one of the most important factors attracting investors for owning real estate in Istanbul for sale such as villas, so the investor has to choose from:

  • Various interior and exterior designs for the villas, in addition to a number of different rooms on request.
  • Different views of the scenic landscape and other amazing views of the sea.
  • Excellent facilities and services surrounding the villas.
  • Quiet and privileged locations away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Different prices for villas where you can find what suits your budget and your financial potentials.


Sea View Villas for Sale in Istanbul- Beylikduzu & Bakirkoy

The following are some of the distinctive sites where you can search for villas suitable for you either for the purpose of housing or for leasing as a safe investment project, so you can find suitable villas in the following areas:

  • On the Bosphorus strait where historical villas and palaces are designed according to the European classical system.
  • In the district of Beylikdüzü, which is a new center in the city of Istanbul, villas in this district are characterized by magnificent views of the sea.
  • n the Zakirkoy district, strategically located in the midst of nature, at the same time close to important facilities and services.
  • In the district of Bahçeşehir, close to social facilities and easily accessible from the center of Istanbul.


These districts, for example, are not limited to the offers, advantages as the strategic sites for villas in Istanbul are many, and the options are various for investors.

There are many elements that attract many foreigners to own real estate in Istanbul, the most important of which are:

  • The city is characterized by a charming and attractive nature with deep-rooted past.
  • A true opportunity for a guaranteed profit.
  • The city is an East-West connection center.
  • Turkey's overall policy of supporting and encouraging investment.
  • The many options offered in terms of design, location, price, and variety of facilities.


Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

The real estate sector in Istanbul is one of the most growing and profitable sectors in the world, and the risk ratio is very low. In this regard, many studies and official statistics have confirmed the growth of investment in this area and confirmed that growth will be steadily increasing over the coming years.

The decision to buy villas or property in Istanbul needs a somewhat larger budget to purchase other properties because of its space and luxurious design. As long as your budget allows you to own villas in Istanbul, you can choose from many different offers in terms of location, areas, facilities, services, designs and other features for each property.

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