13 important steps to buying an apartment in Turkey

Learn in detail about the steps for buying an apartment in Turkey in 2022 and the procedures necessary to complete the process of receiving and handing over. A comprehensive guide provided to you by Imtilak Real Estate.

13 important steps to buying an apartment in Turkey
2022-01-17 Last update 2022-04-14

13 important steps to buying an apartment in Turkey

What are the steps for buying an apartment in Turkey in 2022?

The foreign demand for the Turkish real estate market is still at its peak. Last year, there was an increase in the turnout of foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey. The Iranians ranked first, then the Iraqis came in second place and the Russians came in third place, in addition to various other nationalities.

Many people who want to buy a property in Turkey are asking about the steps of buying apartments and properties in Turkey in safe and legal ways, which will achieve a good investment, stability, or citizenship.

Therefore, those wishing to buy an apartment in Turkey should follow the following steps. To complete a successful purchase that meets the set goal and achieves the best profits available.

1. Determine the purpose of buying the apartment

The goals of individuals wishing to buy real estate in Turkey differ, and based on these goals, there are many options available in the Turkish real estate market that suit their desires and goals.

The step of determining the goal of buying an apartment in Turkey by the person wishing to buy is the most important step of the successful purchase process, as it results in a focus on real estate that suits the goal and reduces the search space.

The purchasing objectives of those who are going to buy a property in Turkey vary, and more than one purchase objective may be involved in one sale. The most important of these purchasing objectives for those wishing to buy a property in Turkey are as follows:


Steps to buying an apartment in Turkey

2. Researching the reality of the real estate market in Turkey

Each market has its own distinctive characteristics and features, as well as the case in the Turkish real estate market, so one of the most important successful steps for buying an apartment or property in Turkey is to study the market well and understand its advantages in general and its characteristics.

Those wishing to own a property in Turkey can infer the nature of the Turkish real estate market through the websites of the Imtilak Real Estate Group, which offers a large encyclopedia that includes details of everything related to the real estate market in Turkey.

3. Choosing a real estate agent

Choosing a real estate agent is the most important and risky step when buying a property in Turkey, as the prevailing custom in the Turkish real estate market is the presence of a broker or real estate agent between the seller and the buyer.

In order to avoid any fraud or legal problems, you must be careful in choosing the most appropriate, professional, and honest real estate agent.

  • The legality of the real estate agent’s work, through the tax number of the company in Turkey, which represents the legal license to work, where the name of the company and the specialization of its work are clear in this document.
  • The company's location on the ground through its explicit and correct address and its office located within a real address, not virtual companies, and is confirmed by visiting the company in person.
  • Inferring the sincerity, honesty, and reputation of the real estate agent through previous clients dealing with the company.
  • The age and size of the company in the market, in addition to its electronic identity from its websites and social networking pages.

4. Communicating with the real estate agent and getting initial offers

The real estate agent in the Turkish market provides several means to communicate with wishing to buy a property in Turkey, whether by phone, the Internet, or through social networking websites.

The distinguished real estate agent has a team that speaks more than one language and works as real estate consultants who answer all customer inquiries. Therefore, your communication with the real estate agent and obtaining initial offers will give you a good perception of the Turkish real estate market.

how to buy an apartment in Turkey

5. Visiting Turkey

Visiting Turkey and seeing everything that has been remotely inspected on the ground, is an important step for the right path in buying an apartment in Turkey.

When you come to Turkey, you will see aspects that were hidden from you, by closely examining your real estate agent, verifying and discovering the extent of his honesty and transparency, in addition to inspecting your property and its specifications and other matters that you did not pay attention to without your personal presence in Turkey.

It is reported that there are people who purchased the property in Turkey online without coming to Turkey for reasons in which the client was forced to be unable to travel.

Here, the customer must have great confidence in the real estate agent and his accurate selection, and Imtilak Real Estate was the first to gain the trust of one of its customers residing in Qatar, where the purchase was made remotely. After that, the client expressed his admiration and satisfaction with his property, which was purchased after he came to Turkey and inspected his apartment closely.

6. Going on real estate tours

The real estate agent who was contacted should take the client on real estate tours on the proposed projects and the initial offers chosen by the client to check them on the ground.

Therefore, real estate tours are an important step and benefit the customer in getting to know his property in a tangible and tangible way, and inspecting it in reality.

7. Explore the most important offers that suit the purpose of ownership

Exploring all the available offers that are suitable for your purchasing goal and putting them in mind is based on your good choice of the real estate agent with experience and the most extensive and widespread in the Turkish real estate market.

8. Choosing the apartment most suitable for your goals and needs

Those wishing to buy a property in Turkey must approach the goal or purchasing objectives with the most important and available offers, through offers filtering sessions, excluding what is not appropriate and collecting what is appropriate to prepare the matter for making the most appropriate decision among the options offered.

This is assisted by the real estate agent who has the experience, honesty, and responsibility towards his client, as the process of exploring offers and purifying the available options is seen as a scientific-based process that requires great expertise and reliable advice.

procedures for buying an apartment in Turkey

9. Negotiating the price with the help of the real estate agent

In the Turkish real estate market, the person to buy a property can negotiate the price, and it is up to the real estate agent to support his client in that, as he is more experienced and stronger in negotiation.

Here, it must be mentioned that real estate agents working in the Turkish real estate market vary in possessing the best real estate and investment opportunities and obtaining the best exclusive prices from projects and construction companies, and here comes the role of a real estate agent with experience and specialization.

10. Reserve the right property and pay the deposit

This step comes after the customer has made a decision in choosing the property, and accordingly, he reserves his right to reserve the chosen property, and his offer for sale is stopped until the rest of the details lead to his sale and full ownership of the property are made.

The deposit is part of the real estate price, whatever its value. It is calculated from the total price of the real estate, and an official receipt for its value is received by the buyer.

11. Preparing all the documents required to buy the apartment

It is a set of requirements that are requested by the Turkish Title Deed Department, and the title deed is not delivered until after they are fulfilled, such as the real estate appraisal report, money transfer receipt, sales contract, earthquake insurance, and other documents.

12. Initiate the payment and delivery procedures with the help of a lawyer

This step is done legally and in the presence of witnesses and a lawyer accredited by the Turkish government and the receipt, delivery, and signature of the two parties to the approved contract.

13. Obtaining a title deed

By submitting official and supporting documents after carrying out all the previous procedures in a sequential manner, the title deed is obtained from the General Directorate of Land Registry in Turkey by customary protocol procedures.

Those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey can shorten all these steps in one step when communicating with Imtilak Real Estate, which provides them with all these steps within a complete and integrated package of services free of charge, through the group of Imtilak investment companies in an experienced manner in adopting the client’s decision to buy a property in Turkey until stability.


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