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New Projects Added to Turkey's Future Vision for 2023

: 2017-06-01

New Projects Added to Turkey's Future Vision for 2023
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The Turkish Ministry of Water and Forests presented its road map in the context of the government's vision for 2023, as the Ministry submitted drafts during this period to the President of the Republic, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

President Erdogan ordered all ministries in the Turkish government to prepare and present the road maps and plans for them in the coming period, following the Ministry of Water and Forests, which presented a progress report between 2003-2007 and submission of the pre-2003 report, in addition to the draft program of activities for the period 2017-2023.

In the coming period, the ministry aims to build several public parks, forests, school gardens, urban forests, hydroelectric power plants, landscaping, religious park institutions, cemeteries and many other important projects.

The Ministry aims to establish several hydroelectric stations and dams in order to secure larger quantities of water to irrigate agricultural land and contribute in this form by reclamation of the largest possible area of lands for agricultural purposes and to make them benefit the citizens.

It also aims to establish 10 large public parks and 195 natural reserves until the end of 2017, and to reach 44 large public parks and 250 protected areas until 2023.

The number of lakes and waterways will be increased to 787 in 7 months, and this number will reach 1462 by 2023.

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