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Smart Transportations in the Turkish Cities

: 2017-05-29

Smart Transportations in the Turkish Cities
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The Turkish Smart Transportation Systems Association held the "Intertrafik Istanbul" exhibition between the dates of 16-16 May 2017. The exhibition was attended by many affective sides in the field of transportation and smart transportation technologies in Turkey and the region.

During the exhibition, many events and workshops were held in addition to the exhibition of traffic systems, parking, road security, traffic management and infrastructure.

Information about the Turkish Smart Transport Index was presented in the context of the Intertrafik Istanbul exhibition by the Smart Transportation Systems Association.

Many experts from various Turkish universities, such as the Middle East University for Technical Sciences and many universities, institutions and other research centers, participated in the project. Experts took part in many smart applications in the field of transportation and other related fields.

Experts pointed out that the smart applications that are used in many facilities and transport in other cities of Turkey, from smart cards to transport to buses that have many features of luxury and services such as mobile phone charging service, free internet and many other benefits.

More than 6,000 participants from Turkey, Iran, Qatar, Russia, several East Asian countries and representatives from 90 countries took part in the exhibition.

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