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Buy apartment in turkey

Since ancient times, the name of Turkey has emerged as an ancient country, the roots of which are deep in history. How wouldn't it be?! And the Turks are the builders of the Ottoman Empire which had the strongest influence of its time.

With a great history connected to the rise of civilization and economical, architectural, and humanitarian progress covering all aspects of life.

Turkey is a special country like no other. It is the meeting place of the two continents, the meeting place of the two seas, where empires and kingdoms came after one another in every and each of its corners. Not only that, where this land is characterized by a special beauty clearly seen in every street and corner.

From the vast lands to the depths of the seas, passing through the very high mountains and the wonderfulness of scenery and place.

Several climates meet simultaneously in Turkey. Where you can find cold weather, hot dry weather, and a mild temperate climate. And all people find what they need.

Advantages of Apartments for Sale in Turkey

These advantages for Turkey have made it a destination for global tourism, and this is reflected in the number of tourists who set records each year. It has been a destination from all over the world, of all languages, cultures, and religions. What distinguishes Turkey also makes it desirable for living and for settling in it. And the option of buying real estate in Turkey became possible for large numbers of people of different levels.

Turkey apartments for sale are available in all cities, with distinct levels of prices, with specifications that meet all desires and needs.

In this article, we will learn about the most important advantages of buy property in turkey and how to obtain the best and most suitable options.

Advantages of buy an apartment in turkey

First: Security and Political Stability

The Turkish government is working with all means it has got to maintain a cohesive society away from the turmoil, and this is evident in a number of matters as follows:

  1. Turkey is a democratic country, which rules for the choice of the people first and foremost, and this is evident in the peaceful transfer of power.
  2. The situation of the political stability on the external level, where Turkey has good relations with a large number of countries in the world.
  3. Political stability at the internal level.

Second: economic stability

Turkey has emerged in recent years as an economic force to be reckoned with, and this is clearly evident in a number of matters, as follows:

  1. Significantly supporting the industry, where the proportion of Turkish exports have increased and competed with major economies. For example, Turkey is the world's second largest clothing exporter after China.
  2. The rapid growth in real estate and construction. This is evident in the great growth in the Turkish real estate market, which is strongly competing on a global level.


buy apartment in turkey

  1. Turkey makes great efforts in the field of internal and external trade and encourages it in all available ways and means. This is reflected in a set of agreements that it signs from time to time with a number of countries in the world, in addition to encouraging exports and easing restrictions on them.
  2. The country has sustainable development plans to support domestic and foreign investments, and this is reflected in the ease of establishing companies and starting any commercial activity without restrictions.

Third: Sustainable Development Plans

Within the framework of pursuit of permanent development, and running the economic in a way that serves the state and its citizens. The Turkish government does not stop making sustainable plans targeting all sectors and fields. And the effect of these plans can be seen in the following:

  1. The Country invests with all its powers in the infrastructure, and this can be seen in the number of highways opened every year, the last of which was the highway linking Istanbul and Izmir. This road adds distinct value to the movement of trade and transport between the two cities.
  2. The Country is investing well in the transportation sector, and this is evident in the major projects represented in the construction of bridges and metro stations, whether between cities or those linking parts of the same city.
    Recently, Istanbul witnessed the opening of the longest metro line linking its Asian and European sides. But not only in Istanbul, where similar projects can be found in other Turkish cities.
  3. Turkey has carried out several large projects, the most recent of which was the opening of the new airport, "Istanbul Airport", the largest airport in the world currently.
  4. Turkey carries out national projects such as the Istanbul Canal project, which will constitute a qualitative shift for Turkey in the field of trade. This is accompanied by the Country's recent re-use of the Silk Road after restoring it, in order to link Turkey to China through several countries, raising the trade between it and between these countries.

Advantages of Buying an Apartment in Turkey

Apartments for Sale in Turkey with the Latest Specifications That Matches the International Standards

Besides all the advantages that Turkey provides for those who want to own turkish properties such as the advantages of stability in all fields. The apartments also have high standards that make them an ideal choice, providing an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility, happiness, and peace. These criteria can be summarized in the following points:

  • The apartments in turkey are located within high-end residential complexes. The least they can be described is a small fully-serviced city. Where it includes everything the family could need in one place. Such as quiet sessions, green spaces, swimming pools, playgrounds, children's games, and places to relax and chill.
  • Construction projects are chosen to be close to the city center and the public and private facilities. This includes universities, schools, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, and the government institutions and departments...etc.
  • The modern construction projects are in close proximity to various transportation means such as bus stops, bus stations, metro bus stations, and many other means of transportation. You can imagine that some of the housing projects have a metro station within them.
  • The apartments in turkey are designed internally and externally with the latest engineering methods and innovations, and they are also finished internally and externally with standards that conform to the principles of total quality management, and with building materials that conform to international standards and specifications.

Apartments for sale in Turkey in various cities and areas

Turkey includes a large number of cities that differ in their full details and lifestyle. And this is an important feature, shows the availability of various options for those who want to buy in terms of choosing the city closest to their lifestyle, and choosing the city they find its climate commensurate with what they love.

Apartments for sale are available in Istanbul, the economic and tourist capital, and other apartments in the political capital, Ankara. And every city has what makes it special. Apartments are also available in cities like Antalya, and Trabzon, also apartments for sale are available in Bursa, and many other cities.

Even in the same city, you can find different options that meet all desires. For example, in Istanbul, modern real estate is available in areas such as (Başakşehir, Bahçeşehir, Esenyurt, and others). Each of these regions has advantages that make them different from each other.

In total, the real estate in Turkey in any city and in any region, all conform to high-quality international conditions, regulations, and standards.

Cheap Apartments for Sale in Turkey 

What distinguishes the prices of apartments in Turkey is that they vary to suit all needs and income levels. It is easy to find cheap apartments in the cities that are not considered to be tourist attraction. Even in major tourist cities, reasonable and special prices can be found. Where the matter is relative and related to a set of criteria such as the real estate area, building quality, and internal and external finishes.

In turn, Imtilak provides real estate options for affordable apartments in Turkey. You can see these offers in (cheap apartments for sale in Turkey 2021).

Of course, there are apartments and real estate available for those with high incomes. Such properties are distinguished by the fact that they include a set of additional benefits and accessories that achieve maximum comfort and the greatest level of luxury.

In short, in Turkey, you will find everything you need. The options are wide and varied. In the beginning.

At first, Just know your need well, allocate your budget, and inevitably you will find what you want.

Buy apartment in turkey for Turkish Citizenship

Those who want to own turkish property have a number of options. From a safe and stable environment until the special environment, which includes all public facilities and services that meet all needs and aspirations. And not ending with the possibility of investing in real estate through reselling or leasing it and achieving attractive returns.

Besides, Turkey has amended the Turkish citizenship law to support the real estate sector and foreign investment.

The latest amendment to the Turkish Nationality Law stipulates granting citizenship to anyone buys a property of at least $ 250,000 USD provided that he/she do not sell this property for at least 3 years.

So, it is a unique opportunity, with a wide range of options (ownership, investment, and Turkish citizenship). As for the Turkish nationality and its advantages, there is a lot to be spoken about. Where the Turkish passport holder meets a large number of features, you can learn more in detail in our article titled: The Power of the Turkish Passport.

Apartments for Sale in Turkey by Imtilak Real Estate

With its long experience in the real estate sector in Turkey. Imtilak has succeeded in making a distinguished name for it by providing integrated services to all those who wish to own property in Turkey. Since the beginning, Imtilak has been keen on leadership, and its primary orientation has been towards the customers, believing that they are the solid rock and the only guarantor and essential for the continuity and success.

When searching for turkey apartments for sale, you will definitely find Imtilak present with all its financial and human capabilities, to help you choose the most appropriate property at the best price.

The options it provides are extensive and include a variety of projects in most of the cities and regions of Turkey. Imtilak contracts with a group of construction companies with a long-standing name in this field. Also, most of the projects it makes contracts with are guaranteed by the Turkish government (the evaluation rate is 100%), therefore it is ideal for everyone wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Not only that, where the options that the company contracts with including everything that meets the needs and desires. Where this is a project in the city center, another in a tourist-attraction area, and projects of an investment nature. As for the scenery of the project, it is a story itself. Most of it overlooks green areas and water bodies.

The project also features a sea view a lot of the times, at the desire of many customers. In short, whatever your choice is, you will find Imtilak next to you as best as possible.

Imtilak Real Estate Services in Turkey

  1. Pre-sale services: This includes the continuous communication with the customer, and informing the client of the most important projects available, their advantages, and whereabouts. In addition to providing consultant at the client’s desire.
    Imtilak has the best advice for those who want the ownership and stability. And other advices for those wishing to invest. And distinctive advice for those looking for Turkish citizenship. Whatever the decision is, Imtilak offers is the best and most suitable option.
  2. Sale-time services: Imtilak facilitates the ownership of all financial, administrative, and legal procedures for its clients. Which includes opening a bank account, registering an apartment in the land registry department, and registering with various companies (such as electricity, water, and gas).
    In short, customer of Imtilak enters the apartment ready, complete, and finished, without missing a thing.
  3. Imtilak offers its customers a range of valuable gifts, which include furniture and household and electrical appliances from the latest Turkish and international brands.
  4. Services of Imtilak continue in the after-sales phase, to include providing any services needed by the customer. Which may include investing the property by reselling it or leasing it if the client desires so.
    Imtilak has succeeded in passing the stage of local real estate company, to a company that works with international standards through high-quality services it provides, of which all clients of Imtilak who worked with it in all Turkish cities attest.

Imtilak Real Estate (With You, From You, To You) In Everything You Need

Edited by: Imtilak Real Estate©

Update date: 2024-01-16

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