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Cheap apartments for sale in Ankara, Turkey in 2024

Advantages of owning and buying an apartment in Ankara

Owning a property in any geographical spot on the earth is in itself the right decision, as most large investors and successful businessmen around the world assure.

Real estate has proven its flexibility in overcoming inflation factors and preserving the purchasing value of people's money and capabilities. Keeping your money in real estate is better than keeping it as it is.

cheap apartments for sale in Ankara

Accordingly, real estate varies in the extent of its investment effectiveness and its achievement of profitable returns, and the time period in which the real estate begins to achieve gains varies between one real estate and another, and these differences come due to several factors directly related to the nature of the real estate or other external factors and influences.

Perhaps the best option that can be obtained by those wishing to buy a property is to buy in cities of political or economic importance, and therefore the property has a feasible investment value, or as a minimum, it remains to maintain its financial value, in addition to the ease of resale due to the increasing demand on buying in those areas.

These advantages are also related to buying property in the Turkish state of Ankara, which is among the cities of political importance; It is the political capital of the Turkish Republic.

Therefore, the advantages of owning and buying a property in Ankara are as follows:

  • Real estate gaining a high and increasing investment value
  • Ease of leasing or reselling due to the increasing and non-stop demand rates
  • Enjoying a lifestyle in a modern and upscale city with a developed infrastructure (if you want to live in the city)
  • Proximity to the main state centers and the mother embassies of foreigners in case there are reviews or documents that need to be obtained
  • Living in luxury in a city that thrives on beautiful and wonderful public facilities, such as parks, clubs, malls, and commercial centers

 cheap apartments for sale in Turkey

What are the cheapest apartment prices in Ankara?

The prices of apartments and real estate depend on several factors that affect the rise or fall of their prices, such as:

  • The area in which the property is located

Whether it is a central area or not, or from slums or modern organized neighborhoods

  • Height of the property

In Turkey in general, the higher the property, the higher its price, due to the reason for the availability of beautiful views

  • The age of construction

The more modern the property was on the date of its construction, the higher the price

  • Service and public facilities

The more social facilities available in or near the property, such as near the metro station, the higher the property price

  • Size and number of rooms

The increase in the area and the number of rooms increases the price of the property

  • The quality of the cladding and the raw materials used

The high quality of the cladding and the raw materials used in the construction process increase the price of the property.

But the prices of apartments in Ankara are relatively cheap compared to the prices of apartments in Istanbul, which is on the throne of the Turkish states in the rise in real estate prices.

Cheap apartments for sale in Ankara

  • Cheap apartments for sale in Çankaya, Ankara

Çankaya district is the main center of the state of Ankara, the commercial and investment heart of the city, and it is considered the most prestigious area of ​​the city of Ankara, as it includes all the representations and embassies of countries around the world.

Imtilak Real Estate company offers a wide choice of apartments in Çankaya at competitive prices.

  • Cheap apartments for sale in Yenimahalle, Ankara

It’s the second region in the state of Ankara after Çankaya, which is one of the most modern and developed regions in infrastructure and includes the Turkish Presidential Palace, in addition to many Turkish government centers and ministries.

The Imtilak Real Estate company’s team places rare investment opportunities in the hands of its clients who wish to buy apartments in the Yenimahalle area of ​​Ankara.

cheapest apartments in Ankara

  • Cheap apartments for sale in Mamak, Ankara

It is one of the rising investment areas in Ankara and is characterized by its apartments and real estate at low prices. However, the region is witnessing a rapid development that affects real estate prices in it, making it a distinguished investment area.

Learn about the advantages and costs of living in Ankara through our article A Detailed Guide On Living In Ankara, Its Advantages And Costs 2022

How does Imtilak Real Estate company help you buy a cheap apartment in Ankara?

Through the company's office in the Turkish capital, Ankara, where Imtilak Real Estate experts provide a lot of exclusive real estate opportunities for Imtilak clients who want to own real estate in the city, as the company is unique in the prices of exclusive apartments in high-end projects with a good investment margin.

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Edited by: Imtilak Real Estate©

Update date: 2024-01-06

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