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Apartments for Sale with Sea Views in Trabzon 2024

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Take advantage of Imtilak Real Estate company’s distinctive offers and entirely free services within the Trabzon Sea View Apartment ; where you can find the greatest views, the cheapest prices, communicate with us.

Why is Trabzon so special for buying an apartment?

Answering this question requires you to take only one look at our photo and video reports, and you will be impressed by the scenic scenery of the city of Trabzon, which rarely has a counterpart at the level of the world's tourist cities. You will be captured by the elegant houses with red crimson roofs; these houses are mediated by the bright mountains with their covers - from vast green spaces - aligned with the Black Sea and the vast water bodies of the region. In a majestic spectacle, that makes one wonder if the Earth's paradise is so exhilarating, so gallant and so beautiful, how's it going with the Supreme Madness? Then you'd be curious to wonder about the price of apartments in Trabzon.

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What's the best area for buying Apartments for Sale with Sea Views in Trabzon?

  • Boztepe: Located on a high hill, overseen by the Black Sea, with charming panoramic views. Being located in the heart of Trabzon has contributed to the location of the main educational, health and commercial services centers around it.
  • Yalincak: This area is described as one of the most interesting and comfortable options, with its extraordinary views on the Black Sea beach and on the gorgeous forests of Trabzon, and a break from the crowding and loud noise of civilian life.
  • Yomra: In alignment with the Yalincak region, the Yomra area is located on a site known for its remarkable fantasy supervision, in which the valley's view is blended with the Black Sea in a picture that takes away the alpine with its remarkable reflections. In addition to connecting the E70 road to the rest of Trabzon, the road also connects the area to Trabzon Airport, which is only a few minutes from Yomra.

Apartments for Sale with Sea Views in Trabzon: Specifications and prices

Among Turkey's finest residential complexes is the IMT- 47 Trabzon Palace Complex, whose apartments have an impressive view of the sea and valley simultaneously in the area of Horta Siege, a quiet area located close to the center of the city of Trabzon. The Trabzon Palace complex contains apartments for sale in Trabzon, surrounded by a beautiful green bracelet, where green spaces abound both inside and outside the complex.

As for prices, the price of Trabzon Palace Complex is among the best for sale in Trabzon on Sea. The price of two-room apartments, a lounge and two bathrooms, with an area of 140 square meters, starts at $63,000 per apartment.

Apartments for sale in Trabzon Turkey

Imtilak Real Estate services and offers in Trabzon

Imtilak Real Estate company makes distinctive offers from apartments for sale in Turkey at the Black Sea Bride Trabzon. Through its experienced team, it also secures all the services necessary for a secure real estate investment to achieve the objectives of ownership. Whether it is to stay in apartments with competitive prices at the level of apartment prices in Turkey, or whether it is for the purpose of acquiring Turkish citizenship and investing in this highly popular type of investment in Turkey. Here we refer to the provision by Imtilak Real Estate company of the requirements for acquiring citizenship based on ownership of the real estate in Turkey.


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