A detailed guide on living in Ankara, its advantages and costs 2022

Explore the benefits and downsides of living in Ankara Turkey, as well as the best areas for accommodation in Ankara, and read about the price levels of living in Ankara Turkey by Imtilak Real Estate.

A detailed guide on living in Ankara, its advantages and costs 2022
2021-11-22 Last update 2022-05-25

A detailed guide on living in Ankara, its advantages and costs 2022

Is Ankara good for a living?

Ankara is the official political capital of the Republic of Turkey, and the second-most populous city in Turkey, with a population of more than 5 million. It is also the third-largest in Turkey, with an area of ​​30,000 km2.

Due to the presence of the main state centers and the residence of the President of the Republic, government ministers, deputies of the People's Assembly, and ambassadors of countries of the world, Ankara is one of the most organized and modern Turkish cities, as it has a developed infrastructure and various public facilities that increase the quality of life and life in it.

Official annual statistics always indicate that the state of Ankara ranks second in terms of the number of foreigners buying real estate in Turkey in general, which confirms the importance of the city and the quality of life and quality of life in it.

Living in Ankara

What are the advantages of living in Ankara, Turkey?

  • Living in the capital that includes the state's main centers for government audits and other essential official transactions.
  • Achieving comfort by utilizing the advanced infrastructure of transportation, communication, electricity, water, and communications networks.
  • Achieving luxury from the public service facilities in which the city thrives, such as parks, playgrounds, commercial centers, and malls.
  • Benefit from the presence of embassies of different countries in the same city in which you live in case of revisions or the necessity of obtaining certain papers from the embassy of your home country.

disadvantages of living in Ankara

What are the disadvantages of living in Ankara, Turkey?

  • Traffic congestion and population density of the city, especially during rush hours.
  • Ankara is an inland city that does not overlook a sea or a large body of water.
  • The city's climate is not temperate, as it is cold in winter and dry in summer.

Cost of living in Ankara

Average prices and cost of living in Ankara

The costs of living in Ankara are somewhat lower than Istanbul, which is the most expensive in the standard of living for all Turkish states, and the city of Ankara is classified among the states of medium cost of living.

The following tables show the average prices for the cost of living in Ankara for the year 2022 in general:

Average prices of food and basic commodities
Fresh milk (1 liter)
6 TL
Fresh white bread loaf (500 g)
2 TL
Meal for two at restaurant
50 TL
White cheese (1 kg)
35 TL
Eggs (15 eggs)
9.50 TL
Drinking water (liter and a half)
1.50 TL
Chicken (1 kg)
20 TL
Red meat (1 kg)
50 TL
Fish (1 kg)
45 TL
Vegetables (1 kg)
6 TL
Fruits (1 kg)
7.5 TL
Average monthly utility bills prices
Electricity, water, and gas bills (with garbage and heating services) for an apartment of 87 m2
673 TL
Internet service (60 Mbps, unlimited, ADSL)
125 TL
Gym subscription (per month, per person)
180 TL

prices of living in Ankara for students

Average childcare prices
Kindergarten stage (private sector per month)
1500 TL
International primary school (private sector annually)
31000 TL
Average transportation prices
Public transport ticket (one way)
3.50 TL
Taxi fare (1 km)
4 TL

Best housing areas in Ankara

Average car fuel prices
8.50 TL per liter
8 TL per liter
Average car rental prices in Ankara
Economy car
400 TL per day
945 TL per day
4x4 car
723 TL per day
Luxury car
1000 TL per day

The best residential areas in Ankara, Turkey

A group of areas and neighborhoods in the city of Ankara are characterized by being more high-quality and organized in the way of living and daily life, the most important of these areas:

Çankaya district:

The central region in Ankara, where most of the embassies of the world's countries are located in Turkey, it’s the commercial and financial nerve of the city.

الجنسية التركية انجليزي الجنسية التركية انجليزي

Yenimahalle district:

It includes the Turkish Presidential Palace in which the Turkish President resides and manages the country's affairs. It is the second area after Çankaya in the state of Ankara and is characterized by the presence of the city's main metro line, in addition to the cable car.

Keçiören district:

One of the areas inhabited by the Arab community in large numbers, especially the Iraqi community, and is located near the Yenmahalle area, and real estate prices are low compared to the prices of the Çankaya and Yenimahalle areas.

living in Ankara turkey

The best residential projects in Ankara, Turkey

Ankara flourishes with distinctive residential real estate projects, which provide apartments of different sizes and designs to suit all tastes of those wishing to buy a property in Turkey.

Reputable construction companies are active in Ankara, Imtilak Real Estate has recently opened its own office in the Turkish capital, Ankara, based on market requirements and the high rates of customer demand for Ankara real estate.

The Imtilak Real Estate team in Ankara provides the most distinguished real estate opportunities and the best apartments in high-end and suitable residential complexes and projects.


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