Important aspects to focus on before renting or buying an apartment in Turkey

Imtilak Real Estate has spotted for you some important aspects that should be considered before buying apartments or renting houses in Turkey, follow us

Important aspects to focus on before renting or buying an apartment in Turkey

Important aspects to focus on before renting or buying an apartment in Turkey

Today, through Imtilak Real Estate, we will present a study of the important aspects that you should pay attention to and make sure of when buying apartments or renting houses in Turkey.

Things to pay attention to when checking an empty apartment

The task of buying or renting a suitable apartment is one of the difficult things that can be done these days, especially since this apartment will be the place where you will spend the rest of your life when you buy it, or quite a part of your life when you want to rent it.

Therefore, before deciding to buy or rent an apartment, you must look at some of the important aspects of it, and check them well. Here are the most important aspects that you should check when examining an empty apartment for the purpose of buying or renting:

الضمان الحكومي انجليزي الضمان الحكومي انجليزي

First - the complete information about the apartment

When you rent or buy an apartment in Turkey, you must take note of the information related to the apartment, the most important of which are:

  1. Knowing the age of the building: The age of the building should be one of the most important factors influencing your decision to settle in the house, especially if you want to buy it. If the building is not new, it will be subject to many problems, the most important of which are the costs of repair, and you may have to get out of it after a short period if the house is included in one of the reconstruction plans.
  2. Checking the construction safety report: or checking the building’s technical conditions book, to make sure that it is built according to an anti-seismic structural system. Perhaps the apartments in buildings with anti-seismic construction systems are a little expensive compared to others, but they claim to live in safety and tranquility.
  3. Ensuring that the door of the building is secured and that no passers-by are allowed to enter it. In this regard, apartments in residential complexes are superior to apartments in buildings in terms of safety, as residential complexes in Turkey have surveillance cameras and permanent guards, which make the inhabitant in a space of comfort and make him feel safe on the Himself, his money and his family.

Buying an apartment in Turkey

Second, things to check carefully

When entering the apartment that you intend to buy or rent, you must check some tangible things, and follow the tips on buying an apartment in Turkey, the most important of which are:

  1. Check the atmosphere of the house in terms of moisture, especially if the front of the house is directed to the north, this may increase the possibility of high humidity in it, and you can also feel it by carefully looking at the edges of the ceilings and walls.
  2. Checking the property and checking its space, matching the space on the official documents, reviewing the physical layout of the building and comparing it on the ground, checking the room space, making sure it's suitable for the furniture you're going to attend, and being adequate for all your needs.
  3. Making sure you have extra storage space in case you need it.
  4. Checking the balconies in terms of location, breadth, and approval of your requirements.
  5. Checking the windows and check their sides to ensure that there is no glitch that leads to leaking, for example, if there is a condensation of steam between the glass panels in the double-glass windows, it means that there is a glitch in the installation of the windows that will affect their confidentiality.
  6. Check the water pressure in the apartment by opening the taps, making sure there is no impediment to automatic or automatic water access, especially on the high floors.
  7. If the house is equipped with natural gas installations, you should check the gas power conversion device (kombi), by asking the owner of the house about its status or operation to ensure that it is working well.
  8. Making sure that the walls are sound insulated and ask about that, as poor sound insulation may in the future be the cause of many problems that may reach an unbearable extent.
  9. Checking the entry of sunlight into the house, and making sure that the apartment gets enough sunlight during the day.
  10. Ensuring that there are parking lots for vehicles in the building or complex, and review the plan for sharing these parking spaces between apartments, such as making sure that there are a designated number of parking spaces for each apartment.
  11. Looking at the surroundings of the apartment and the neighborhood, and making sure that markets, shops, transportation routes, schools, health institutions, and recreational places are close to each other, such as restaurants, cafes, and others.

tips for buying an apartment in Turkey

Financial matters you should determine

Eventually, after making the decision to buy or lease, you should consider the financial aspect of what you are going to be, most importantly:

  1. In case you want to buy an apartment and own property in Turkey: Determine and accurately calculate all types of expenses that can be added to the sale price, evaluate their compliance with the budget allocated for the purchase, compare them with other available options from a financial point of view, and commensurate with the specified budget.
  2. In the case of renting an apartment: determining and calculating the security deposit and the cost of moving, evaluating their compliance with the allocated budget, and verifying that there are no debts or bills on subscriptions to the apartment to be rented.
  3. Seeing the proceeds of the building or residential complex, determine the monthly value of the building, and examine its compatibility with the specific rent or purchase budget.


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