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Villas for sale in Sapanca, Sakarya 2021

The best offers on villas for sale in Sapanca, Sakarya by Imtilak Real Estate; the first real estate consultant, the cheapest prices and the finest services, contact us.

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IMT - 668 Comfort Sapanca Villas

villas for sale in turkey within comfort sapanca villas, magnificent and luxury designs and profitab...

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Villas for sale in Sapanca Turkey

Advantages of buying a villa in Sapanca, Turkey

Villas in Sapanca, Turkey are situated in a friendly city, with charming views and scenic scenery, with an abundance of services throughout the year, and the rental of the villas at competitive prices is suitable for the tourist area; Its distance from the European part of Istanbul is about 100 kilometers, as well as the fallow around a magnificent lake, surrounded by forests, making it one of the distinct destinations for tourism and investment.

Villas of Sapanca, Sakarya: specifications and features

Villas of Sapanca Sakarya are located in distinct residential projects with their vast space, distinctive location in one of the most beautiful natural masterpieces of a well-known tourist city. They are also independent of high-quality finishings, in a structured architectural distribution that gives them luxurious views of Lake Sapanca and also characterized by their delicacy and independent sanitary atmosphere.

The prices of villas in Sapanca Turkey

Average prices in the villas of Sapanca Turkey are different depending on the quality, size and location of the villa, and in general, the prices of villas in Sapanca Turkey are higher than those in other tourist cities. Prices start at approximately $130,000, while in terms of quality and proximity, compete with the prices of villas in Istanbul, which start at about $400,000.

Villas for sale in Sapanca in installments

There are villas for sale in Sapanca, Turkey with the possibility of paying in installments, such as the spacious Project Kersal, and its distinctive location in one of nature's most beautiful masterpieces.

It is located at a distance of 2.6 km from the shore of Lake Sapanca, 33 km to the shore of the Sea of Marmara, and Imtilak Real Estate offers the opportunity of real estate ownership in installments, by cash payment to 50% down payment, with the rest divided by 18 months.

Cheap villas for sale in Sapanca, Turkey

Imtilak Real Estate offers the opportunity to own a property for cheap prices, with large spaces, lounges and multiple rooms, between the green arms of nature with fine finishings, ready for delivery such as Kzluk Villas where prices are cheap compared to villas in other areas.

Villas for sale in Sapanca overlooking the lake

Sapanca has villas directly overlooking the lake such as Comfort Villas Project. It is characterized by its distinctive location in the beautiful arms of nature, and directly on the banks of the magnificent Lake Sapanca, which is extremely fine and highly mastered.

Imtilak Real Estate company’s services in villas in Turkey

Imtilak Real Estate offers its integrated services in villas in Turkey, including pre-sale, post-sale and in-sale services, by receiving clients, assisting them by choosing the type, space and location of the villa, providing specialized real estate consultations and taking them on real estate tours across Turkey. We also have a team that specializes in monitoring the procedures of the title, receiving the villa, verifying its conformity with the contract, extracting residence permit and processing of the villa and its accessories for use, as well as managing the villa's affairs, such as leasing, resale, monitoring taxes and fees, etc.


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