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Westone Project 1071 - IMT
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Westone Project 1071 - IMT

Large apartments for sale in green Bursa with spacious family spaces and a variety of entertainment...

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Advantages of buy villa in bursa

Bursa has many important features, and this is reflected in the idea of purchasing villas in bursa turkey.

 Among the most important advantages of buying villas in bursa turkey:

  1. The special location of Bursa: One of the most important features of the Turkish province of Bursa is its location near Istanbul province in addition to its proximity to the beautiful state of Sakarya and the famous Eskisehir and the amazing Yalova province, in addition to its proximity to the capital, Ankara.
  2. The position of the tourist city of Bursa: Bursa is characterized by a wonderful tourist location next to Istanbul and other tourist centers, it also contains many important tourist centers such as the famous Uludag Mountain, which is one of the most important highlandsfor skiing and the world's highest cable car, where the Bursa cable car is 9 km long over the beautiful green Mountain of Uludag.


Also, Bursa is known for its wonderful waterfalls such as the Saitabat Waterfalls near the city center, the Kureklidere Waterfall, and the Great Waterfall aka Kemal Pasa Waterfall, Oylat Waterfall, and Duanci Waterfall.

In addition to its beautiful and charming nature, the parks of Bursa provide an additional outlet for its residents such as the Cultural Park, the Botanic Park or the Flower Park, the Zoo, and the water park Kaplıkaya Cazibe Merkezi, which includes an aquarium of marine creatures and many recreational activities.

Among the most important places to visit and get to know in Bursa, there is the Cumalikizik village, which attracts attention to it and to its snowy resorts, the Arap Sukru Street, Arko Park which is the largest prehistoric park in Europe, the clock tower in the Tufan Park, the Green Tomb, the Karsili Bridge, the Ottoman Tufan area, Golyazi village, and Ulu Mosque.

  1. The vital location of Bursa City: the city has a relatively dense population compared to other Turkish cities, where its population exceeds 3 million and 56 thousand people, according to the 2019 statistics.

Bursa province is also known for its important industrial and commercial activities.

  1. Modern real estate at affordable prices: Prices of villas and apartments in Bursa compete with those of Istanbul, in addition to their many features of beauty.

Within a stone's throw away from Istanbul, the Turkish capital of tourism and beauty, the beautiful green Bursa province sits overlooking the Marmara Sea with its high mountains and magnificent gentle coast.

Bursa has attracted an increasing number of tourists in conjunction with the increase in demand for its beautiful real estates that have stunning views, which increased people's demand to own villas for sale in Bursa Turkey.

Bursa |The Location and Importance

Bursa is located in northwestern Turkey within the Marmara Sea basin, in the middle of the two cities of Istanbul (the economic and tourist capital) and Ankara (the political capital), giving it more importance due to its special location, the beauty of its wonderful nature, and its abundant in tourist attractions that attract tourists to it from all over the world.

Bursa is considered one of the most important Turkish cities. It is the fourth city in Turkey in terms of population, one of the most important industrial cities, and it is the center of Bursa province which has many districts and villages.

Prices for villas in Bursa

The Badamly area in Bursa is famous for its classy modern villas, and Bademli is known for its pure fresh air.

The Bademli area in Bursa is also known for its stunning views over the surrounding forests, which gives it another advantage in terms of beauty in addition to its overlook of the city.

Bademli is located near the highway that connects the city center of Bursa to the seaport that connects Bursa to Istanbul, giving the area additional importance.

Prices of villas in Bursa Turkey vary according to the location and the view. The minimum price can reach $200,000 and the maximum price can reach about $1 million or more.

Villas for sale in Bursa on the sea

The coast of Bursa extends over vast distances of greenery and exquisite natural beauty, and those who search for villas for sale in Bursa Turkey on the sea find many options of luxury villas with charming views.

Bursa overlooks the Marmara Sea, Yalova province, and Istanbul, whose distant landmarks can be seen from some parts of Bursa.

One of the most beautiful coastal areas in Bursa is the Mudanya area, which is close to the city center and has a charming view of the beautiful Yalova state, in addition to the Gemlik area and its nice coastline, and many other fabulous coastal areas.

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Imtilak Real Estate provides a package of integrated services that extend beyond the purchase process through its after-sales service, and citizenship tracking services.

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