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Real Estate for Investment in Turkey 2020

What are the important things to pay attention to when buying real estate for investment in Turkey? How do you find the best investment opportunities through real estate investment in Turkey?

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Smile of Life IMT-142 Project

An amazing ready project that will bring prestige to the Esenyurt district in Istanbul ...

Starting at

29,000 $

IMT-141 Turquoise Project

A new project located near in Avcilar near Kucukcekmece Lake with an amazing views...

Starting at

78,000 $

IMT-139 Quality Residence Project

Discover the privilege of living in an amazing project full life services...

Starting at

81,000 $

IMT-137 Asala Beylikduzu Project

The house of your dream is a reflection of real life in this new project...

Starting at

37,000 $

Europe Life Project IMT-136
This project is government guaranteed
Europe Life Project IMT-136

The most beautiful project in Bahcesehir district with the support of the Turkish government...

Starting at

47,000 $

IMT-134 Reference Project

The most valuable natural life full of privileges in this amazing project which is located directly...

Starting at

181,000 $

IMT-133 Hep 34 Complex

IMT-133 is designed to make something entirely fresh, out of the ordinary and thus began working on...

Starting at

64,000 $

IMT-132 Udul Project

This project is included with every detail to simplify your life and make you feel special with a so...

Starting at

41,000 $

Are you looking for a property to invest in Turkey?

Do you know what to pay attention to when buying an investment property in Turkey?

Where to buy investment properties?

When can you buy investment properties?

Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the best investment areas. At Imtilak Real Estate, we offer our services to those who want to find the best investment opportunities in Turkey by buying properties through the best real estate companies in the field of construction and real estate development.

During the first half of 2019, Turkey achieved the highest real estate sales for foreigners in its history, indicating that foreign investment is growing continuously in Turkey.

Tips for real estate investing in Turkey

  • Verifying the eligibility of the seller or the person responsible for the sale of the property in terms of having the right to execute the sale.
  • Ensuring that there is no owner or another buyer of the property, this is the real guarantee when investing in Turkey.
  • Verifying that the property is free of rights arising from mortgage, rent or other rights.
  • Visiting the site of the property and ensuring the validity and suitability for use in the residence or work or the special purpose of buying.
  • Obtaining a copy of the property ownership contract to ensure that the previous owner has not done any form of transfer of ownership, and to ensure that there are no rights to it.
  • Ensuring that the area, specifications, and information included in the title deed (Tabu) are identical with the actual form of the property.

What should you pay attention to when buying investment properties?

When making a decision to invest in real estate, it is recommended to determine the budget necessary to buy the investment property and to keep away from bank loans with added benefits when buying real estate of this kind. Where these bank interests are often equal to or greater than the expected investment profit, in addition to the possibility of having difficulties in the regularity of payment of installments, which may result in the imposition of other financial sanctions, may deprive you of the opportunity to find the best investment in Turkey.

It is also important to note that the amount dedicated for real estate investment in Turkey must be a surplus for the basic needs of the owner, as a precaution, it can be lost if the investor suddenly had to buy the necessary liquidity, and as sales are difficult to be done quickly.

Furthermore, it is not recommended to focus on the famous high-priced areas in major cities. It is advisable to go to new areas that are under real estate development, such as investing in buying small apartments in the Beylikduzu area because they are easy to lease and desirable by the people of the country and those coming to it.

Investment in Turkey 2019: Investing in Real Estate as a Model

Real estate investment in Istanbul, for example, is a great investment in all its forms, in terms of its revenues and profits, but provided that measures be taken for its success. The following is a review of the most important factors in the success of real estate investment in Turkey, in order to find investment opportunities in Turkey, and achieve the desired goal of investors.

Factors of successful real estate investment in Turkey

  1. When investing in real estate, be sure to choose the most active and vibrant location, as it is more expensive than gold!
  2. If you got confused while investing in Turkey, then you should consider residential complexes, which are the most sought after, and the highest profit.
  3. Investing within the investor's financial ability, do not borrow more than your ability, do not invest less than your budget and miss opportunities and lose others!
  4. Diversification of real estate investment, between residential and commercial as possible.
  5. Choosing the right real estate consultant.

What are the most important properties for investment in Turkey?

The answer to this question varies according to the time, place and budget for the investment. The land allocated for real estate investment in Turkey may be for real estate investment or for agricultural investment in Turkey, which is the best option, and maybe finding apartments to invest in Turkey or investment in shops or ready buildings, is the most appropriate option. However, the decision is related to the budget, time allocated for the investment cycle, and the target city in Turkey. Many Arab investors have found a fertile market and promising opportunities when investing in the Turkish market, looking for the best investments in Turkey, including investment in Turkey for Jordanians and investment in Turkey for the Syrians.

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