Investment Apartments for Sale in Turkey 2023

Investment Apartments for Sale in Turkey  at competitive prices in Turkey, buy cheap apartments for investment in distinctive places, leasing with monthly financial returns and achieving high profits

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Guler Kent IMT - 1064

Apartments for sale in green Bursa in the lively Osmangazi district, with views of Uludag Mountain a...

Starting at

150,000 $

Momentum Project IMT - 801

Apartments for sale in Alanya, Turkey, with luxury finishes, in a unique investment project, at chea...

Starting at

395,000 $

Uskudar Palaces 447 - IMT

High-end apartments for sale in Asian Istanbul within one of the finest complexes in the famous tour...

Starting at

506,000 $

Atasehir Towers 444 - IMT
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Atasehir Towers 444 - IMT

Apartments for sale in Atasehir, Asian Istanbul, suitable for Turkish citizenship, with high-quality...

Starting at

668,000 $

Beyoglu Residence  IMT - 269
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
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Beyoglu Residence IMT - 269

Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul in Beyoglu area, in the modern and luxurious project of Beyog...

Starting at

902,000 $

Acibadem Project 446 - IMT

Luxury apartments for sale in the ancient Uskudar and the most important Asian neighborhoods of Ista...

Starting at

546,000 $

IMT - 42 Golden Residence

In the Black Sea and the pearl of beauty in Turkey, Imtilak Real Estate has apartments for sale in T...

Starting at

175,000 $

Radis Project 1369 - IMT

Apartments for sale in European Istanbul with a good area and installment options over three years i...

Starting at

223,000 $

Details on Investment Apartments in Turkey

Do you know what you should pay attention to when buying an apartment for investment in Turkey?

Real estate prices have increased a lot lately, thus, real estate has become a more important investment tool 2022. It has become the most profitable option. The rate of increase in real estate prices over the past ten years has been in big cities such as Ankara, Izmir, And Istanbul, nearly 100 percent.

Tips for Apartments Investment in Turkey

It is advisable to set the necessary budget for buying apartments for investment purposes, while moving away from bank loans as much as possible when buying such apartments, because of the high interest added on these loans, which are often equal to the expected investment profit or more, In addition to the possibility of difficulties in the regularity of payment of periodic installments, which may result in the imposition of other financial sanctions.

It is important also to note that the investment amount allocated for buying an apartment must be a surplus from the basic needs of the owner, because there is always a risk in the investment operations, and may get a loss if the investor suddenly had to buy the necessary liquidity.

It is not recommended to focus on the famous high-priced areas in major cities, but it is recommended to go to the developing regions and to under real estate development.

It is also necessary to research and investigate the reliability of the real estate company or the real estate broker before buying the property, and to check the price offered and specifications of the property, also to be sure of the technical issues related to the property in all respects, in addition to the legal situation and the form of registration in the registration of real estate records.

Investment Apartments and Hotels for Sale in Turkey

First: Under construction apartments: because the prices of apartments in Turkey, much different if they are ready or under construction, and it is known that waiting will increases properties prices.

Second: Apartments in areas that are booming and growing with a strong urban movement, which can be growing and rising constantly unlike other stable and full areas.

Third: The real estate agent must be a consultant. You must choose a real estate broker with experience and reliability in Turkish real estate. It helps you choose an apartment to invest in Turkey so that the investor does not fall into the wrong choice.

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