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Turkey is the first in the world to increase the investment value of its apartments

Turkey ranked first in the world in the increase in the investment value of its apartments during the first quarter of t...

Turkey: 1.8 million properties sold during the first seven months of 2022

Turkey achieved an income of more than 21 billion TL, and Istanbul was at the top of the best-selling states, according...

The most valuable real estate areas in Turkey and house prices in it

According to the report on the real estate sector, the most valuable real estate areas in Turkey were ranked. So what ar...

The number of foreign companies in Turkey increased by 65%

The number of newly established foreign companies in Turkey increased by about 65%, during the first half of 2022, to re...

Tourism revenue in Turkey rises 190%

Tourism revenues in the second quarter of this year rose 190.2%, compared to the previous year, achieving $8.717 billion...

Turkey's real estate challenges the global index by selling 1.5 million properties in 2022

The total number of real estate sales at the end of June reached 1,537,238 properties. Equal to the sales figures achiev...

3 new metro lines will enter service in Istanbul before the end of 2022

The lines of Istanbul International Airport and Sabiha Airport on the Asian side are on the list of priorities in comple...

6 critical things you need to know when signing a lease

Learn with Imtilak Real Estate the most important terms related to the lease contract, and the subsequent obligations of...

Sakura Complex promises families luxury apartments in Istanbul

The project targets families who prefer to live in a promising area of ​​Istanbul in the Basin Express area, which is co...

The rise in the price of new homes in Turkey in June 2022

Real estate sources in Turkey reported that the new house price index increased by 67.76% in June of the current year 20...

First rank for Russians in real estate investment

What are the ranks obtained by foreign investors in the real estate field, and who are the first holders in the first ha...

Turkish Statistics Authority: More than 150,000 apartments were sold in June 2022

Apartment sales in Turkey increased by 22.6% after the number of real estate sales exceeded 150,000 apartments in June 2...

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