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Want to purchase a piece of paradise in Istanbul but are concerned about the cost? Fear not, for this charming city's thriving real estate market has something for everyone! Istanbul provides a wide range of properties at reasonable costs, appealing to a wide range of budgets and preferences, whether you're looking for a warm apartment in the center of the bustling city or a gorgeous villa in a calm outlying setting.

Imtilak Real Estate, a reputable brand in the field, is leading the charge in matching would-be homeowners with their ideal homes. Imtilak Real Estate offers a carefully chosen selection of the greatest homes at the most alluring offers in the market since they have their finger on the pulse of Istanbul's dynamic real estate industry.

Advantages of Buying a Cheap Property in Istanbul

Lower Entry Costs:

You may enter the real estate market with substantially reduced up-front fees by purchasing an inexpensive home in Istanbul. This lowers the financial barrier to homeownership or real estate investing, which may be especially helpful for first-time buyers or investors on a tight budget.

Higher Cash Flow:

When compared to their purchase price, cheap houses frequently produce greater rental yields. It will be simpler to pay the mortgage, maintenance expenditures, and other costs of owning a home in Turkiye if you plan to rent the house out because the rental revenue will create a greater cash flow.

Easier to Manage:

Managing smaller, less expensive homes typically takes less time and money. For individuals looking for a hands-on or more manageable investment, they may have reduced maintenance expenditures and be less demanding in terms of property management.

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Higher Potential for Appreciation:

Despite having a lower initial cost, affordable homes can offer a better potential for gain over time. Even less expensive houses can enjoy considerable gains as Istanbul's real estate market continues to expand and develop, resulting in increasing equity and a worthwhile investment over time.

Opportunity for Renovation:

Istanbul's affordable real estate may provide fantastic prospects for remodeling and upgrading. You may increase the property's worth, draw in better tenants, and even command higher rental rates or sales prices by investing in aesthetic or structural modifications.

Cheap Property in Istanbul

The Best Neighborhoods in Istanbul to Buy an Affordable House


Sisli District  is well-known for its strategic location and first-rate transit options. Despite its prominent location, Şişli provides more cheap real estate possibilities than other of the city's more affluent areas. The region is a popular choice for both residents and investors since it has a broad variety of facilities, such as retail centers, restaurants, parks, and cultural attractions.


In recent years, the Kagithane area has seen tremendous urban development, becoming a contemporary and energetic neighborhood. This neighborhood is located near the city's heart and is well-known for its parks and green spaces, which offer a healthy living environment. Kagithane's new housing developments provide families and young professionals searching for value for their money with accessible home alternatives.


Sariyer, a lovely neighborhood with a blend of urban and residential features, is found on the European side of the Bosphorus. It provides a wide selection of homes, including flats and houses, for comparatively low costs. For those looking for a tranquil yet connected neighborhood, the region is widely recognized for its gorgeous seaside vistas, rich vegetation, and a sense of community.


Compared to its European equivalents, the ancient district of Uskudar on Istanbul's Asian side offers a property market that is more reasonably priced. The mosques, markets, and seafront promenades in this region are all historically significant and culturally diverse. The fact that Üsküdar is close to the city center and has great public transit alternatives makes it a desirable option for purchasers on a tight budget.

Property Price in Istanbul

What Is the Average Property Price in Istanbul?

The average property price in the nation increased to 1.14 million TL ($71,000), or 8,252 TL per square meter, according to information gathered by the housing market website The average cost of a home in Istanbul, Turkey's commercial and financial center, increased by 173 percent to 1.6 million TL. The average price in Ankara was 802,000, with a 129 percent yearly rise.

Best Tips to Find Cheap Properties

Look for a Fixer-Upper

Price differences between move-in ready homes and those in need of renovation or repair are common. Find fixer-uppers with solid foundations and room for renovation. You may make the house an attractive place to live and raise its worth by making some investment in reconstruction.

Buy from Owner Directly

Finding better bargains occasionally requires avoiding intermediaries like real estate brokers. There may be a possibility for negotiation and potential fee or commission savings when purchasing straight from the owner. Watch for "For Sale by Owner" listings or think about getting in touch with property owners directly to find out about possible transactions.

Look Outside the City

City centers and upscale districts frequently have more costly real estate. Expand your search to encompass suburbs or communities outside of the city. You could uncover not just less expensive real estate, but also undiscovered treasures with a calmer and more laid-back way of life.

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Make Your Move at the Right Time

Prices in the real estate market might change over time because of its cyclical nature. Watch market patterns and make an effort to determine when prices are lowest, such as during recessions or seasonal changes. Properties that have been up for sale for a while may also be more amenable to negotiation, offering a chance to get a better price.

Find Your Dream House with Imtilak Real Estate

Imtilak is a leading company based in Turkey working to provide the best services to the real estate market. With our expert teams and in-depth knowledge, we are happy to help clients find the best properties that fit their budgets and meet their needs, and we also offer free consultations for property buyers.

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